Be Prepared for Emergencies With Rayovac

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It’s Winter. The snow, ice and wind can hit at any time. Just look at what happened recently in the South! In Alabama, people were stranded in their cars, cell phones were dying, and it was getting dark. From the stories I heard, a lot of people didn’t have car chargers for their phones, and had no way to reach their loved ones that were waiting for them at home. There were others stuck at home with no power, which meant no light when the sun finally went down. Scary!

If you don’t have an emergency kit ready at home, for whatever situation can happen, i.e. power outages, hurricanes, ice storms, etc, you need to get one ready now. It’s not too late.

Something that you should keep at home, and always at the ready are rechargeable batteries! Not only are they perfect to have on hand for remote controls, game controllers, etc, but think about your emergency radio, flashlights and cell phone chargers! All of these things need batteries, and keeping rechargeable ones on hand means that you will not run out of power! Of course, you’ll need some regular ones on backup in case the power goes out, but if you keep these for regular use, you are saving the landfills as well!

Rayovac sent me the Rayovac Recharge Smart Charger and some AA & AAA batteries to go with it… What I love about these batteries is that they come already charged! They hold power for up to 1 year, which makes them perfect for your emergency kits, and the Smart Charger even has an LCD display that counts down how many hours the batteries have left to charge… How cool is that? No more guessing! I remember when you had to put batteries on the charger before you could even use them. That was always a disappointment.

Rechargeable batteries save money and save the planet.. How can you go wrong with that?

Right now, you can get a great deal on a Universal Rechargeable Bundle, if bought separately, it would cost your $74.94, but for a limited time, it’s only $44.99 at the Rayovac online store!

* I am one of the Rayovac Power Bloggers. Products mentioned in this post were provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own!

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