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Prevent Holiday Stress Headaches with Excedrin

Nov 18, 2013 41 Comments by

We all look forward to the sights, smells, foods, beverages and merriment associated with the holiday season. However, sometimes the things we love the most about the holidays could trigger headaches or migraines. That’s why the makers of Excedrin® Extra Strength invite you to “Take a Holiday from Headaches” by following these simple steps, provided […]

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Back to School Doesn’t Need to be a Headache!

Sep 09, 2013 No Comments by

Back to School— How many times have you heard this in the last couple of weeks? I’ve been seeing so many proud parents posting pictures (say that fast 3x!) all over Facebook, and other social media sites, but I wonder how many of those parents are just stressing over whether or not their child will […]

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Avoiding Summer Stress Headaches

Jul 08, 2013 37 Comments by

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, release endorphins and feel great about yourself. However, be careful when exercising in the summer. The combination of exercise and heat increases your core body temperature and decreases the blood circulation to the muscles you’re using. Because of this strain and potential dehydration, you may get headaches […]

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Giveaway~ Who Deserves Excedrin the Most?

Apr 24, 2013 16 Comments by

Excedrin want to know…  “Who Deserves Excedrin® the Most?” They are currently running a sweepstakes, which aims to discover which types of people America believes to have the biggest headaches. Is it rush hour commuters? First time parents? Tax filing citizens? Our theory is that although headaches are no joke, the situations that cause headaches […]

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Giveaway~ New & Improved Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Apr 02, 2013 21 Comments by

I’m sure some of you may remember me reviewing the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop not very long ago… It was great because I could use whatever cleanser I wanted. I wasn’t stuck spending crazy money on any specific brand. I could even go green with just water and vinegar! It also had a reusable microfiber […]

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Keep the Stink Out of Your Garbage with Trash Dash!

Dec 07, 2012 20 Comments

I was recently given the opportunity to check out a product called Trash Dash. It’s an odor neutralizing product that helps eliminate odors from home trash receptacles for fresher and extended use of garbage bags. All you have to do is shake Trash Dash’s odor absorbing powder two or three times daily into any trash […]

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