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Pearls Olives to Go!- Great Snack or Pre-Measured Ingredients

Apr 07, 2015 No Comments

As a child, I was always digging into the can of olives when grandma was cooking, or rush to grab an olive on each finger out of the snack trays at our big family holiday meals. I’d walk around eating whole olives off of my finger tips and go back for more…. Don’t tell me […]

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How Does Your AeroGarden Grow?

Dec 19, 2014 No Comments

I wrote a few weeks ago about receiving the Aerogarden to check out, and getting started with an indoor garden. Now that I’ve had some time to let it grow, I’m really excited about Spring Time! How does it work? Well, pretty well as far as I can tell. Within just a few days of […]

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Indoor Gardening Means Fresh Herbs- Even When It’s Frozen Outside

Dec 01, 2014 3 Comments

We love cooking with fresh herbs and produce, but Winter is finally settling in, which means my gardening days are over for the year… or does it? The Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 3SL is the extraordinary soil-free indoor garden that grows plants 5 times faster than soil.  The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden SL is our newest and thinnest garden […]

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Outdoor Grilling Tips From the Experts

Jul 31, 2014 1 Comment

During the Summer, we love to grill out, or use our smoker to make anything from salsa, to ribs, to tri-tip roasts. Our grill and smoker get a lot of use, but there are some things we recently learned and thought that they were cool enough to share! Check out this quick video in which […]

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Organic Foods on a Budget and a Recipe!

Jul 30, 2014 No Comments

If I were to say that you could eat organic foods, and not spend a fortune, would you believe me? I know, I wouldn’t either… but you should! Have you been shopping at your local Walmart stores lately, and seen this new label of products on the shelves? It’s been starting off slow, but Wild […]

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Check Out New Pure Balance Dog Food

Jan 31, 2014 No Comments

There is an abundance of choices for pet food these days.  Most people care very deeply about their pets and and around our house we are no different.  We have a miniature schnauzer named Django and he is essentially a member of the family. We have tried several different foods with him over the last […]

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