Coin Cell Safety- Something you don’t always think about

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It seems that there are a lot of devices out there that take the small little coin cell batteries. There’s always been wrist watches, calculators and hearing aids, but now there are electronic car keys, small LED Flashlights, some cameras and their accessories, and even clocks and Battery Operated candles! You’ve got to keep them on hand, but they are tiny, and they can be dangerous.

The dangers of swallowing batteries are all too real when it comes to young children and their common habit of putting small items into their mouths. That’s why Rayovac®, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation, has created new robust packaging for its coin-sized batteries. This innovative packaging can deter children from accessing the batteries entirely.

Numerous packaging initiatives have been started by Rayovac but none more important than creating new battery packaging that makes child-safety a top priority. Extensive research has been conducted showcasing the prevalence of lithium coin-cells being consumed by children. According to this research, there are approximately 500 cases of coin cells being swallowed each year1. While only 6% of these cases involve batteries that came directly from the packaging1, Rayovac continues to increase awareness by implementing further changes to the packaging of its specialty batteries.

Tangible changes include updated warnings on the front and back side of the battery pack. An updated warning icon and improved warning copy inform the consumer of the hazards associated with coin cell batteries. Later in 2013, Rayovac will start shipping coin-cell sized batteries that are physically imprinted with a child safety warning so awareness and education continues after the packaging is discarded.

Further enhancements include an improved packaging structure that helps to prevent accidental ingestions. The new coin cell package has been newly created to trap the plastic blister that holds the battery between two cards. Now, to access the battery, a pair of scissors is required. For multi-packs, each cell is individually sealed requiring the consumer to cut out each battery. This update has proven to be substantial because individual dispensing is now encouraged.

“Efforts to enhance our packaging structure have made it far less likely that our coin cell batteries will end up in the hands of children,” said Jim Heidenreich, Rayovac General Manager, North American Batteries. “Taking the time to increase safety measures and raise awareness of the hazards of lithium coin cells is something we take pride in.”

Also available to consumers is the new Rayovac Specialty Battery webpage that was launched in the Spring of 2012. This page is dedicated to providing consumers with important facts and relevant information regarding coin cell batteries.

Please visit, to learn more about lithium coin cell safety.




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