I Still Love My Crocs & a Giveaway!

Jul 17, 2009 139 Comments by Disclosure

**This giveaway is now closed! **


Regardless of what the news is saying right now about the impending doom of Crocs… which I whole heartedly believe is not true…. I still love my Crocs…

The news media would have you believe that people think that Crocs are ugly, and too expensive and pointless. That they’re losing money faster than they can make it, and on the verge of dying out. While sales may or may not be slower, I think the failing economy is more to blame than the style of Crocs shoes. In fact, Crocs has some amazingly cute shoes, their prices are pretty reasonable, even better if you can get them at the outlet stores, and they are SOOOOO Comfortable! Since these media stories have come out, I’ve seen so many fans on the internet that it’s hard to believe that the company is so near the end like the media claims. I refuse to believe it.

I’ll admit, when the Caymans were the only shoe… I could not see the big deal. They are pretty weird looking shoes. Then something my husband has always said to me hit me head on. I always seem to wear shoes because they’re cute and not comfortable. He was right. I would buy the cutest heels and just endure the squished toes and burning heels. So I did more research, i.e. tried some on, and fell in love. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I hadn’t found any insoles that could do that in my regular shoes. I also thought about something else. Almost all “cute” shoes will squish your toes causing other foot problems over time. The Caymans, weird as they looked, were wider and open allowing room for your toes to wiggle. I bought 2 pairs for the girls. I may have already messed up my feet over the 25+ years of squishing them into shoes, but I wasn’t going to do that to the girls.They quickly became their favorite shoes and wore them everywhere. I absolutely loved that I didn’t have to worry about them getting dirty! All I had to do was wash them in the sink. A Mother’s dream! Easy to clean shoes! I ended up buying myself some of the MaryJane style shoes. They were cuter than the Caymans, and very comfy. I wore them all summer and then around the house in the winter…

Over the years, I’ve watched the new arrivals at the Crocs website and drooled over various shoes. They have come out with some really cute wedges, sandals, canvas shoes and leather shoes. They’ve even come out with a sort of designer line called YOU by Crocs. I haven’t exactly been able to convince the hubby that I need these shoes yet, but I’m working on it. :)

A month or so back, Crocs sent me some of their newest shoes to try out, with no obligation to write about them. I only wish I hadn’t waited until now to do so. I was sent a pair of Cabana, Patricia, and Wake. My Hubby received a pair of Leather Tideline, and in a separate review request, my girls were each sent a pair of Rally.

I’ll break it down with photos here:

DSC_0003Since I was sent these specifically for a review… I’ll start with the Rally! I personally can’t comment on the comfort factor since they don’t fit my feet, but just from observing my girls, I’d have to say they must be really comfortable. They’re easy to slip on and off with their elastic no tie laces, and made of the Anti-microbial Croslite material inside. When the girls woke up from their nap and saw their new shoes, they were wide awake. They put them on and ran circles around house. Before I could tell them to shut the door, they were off and running around the backyard. They kept telling me that they could run really fast in these shoes… which just made me laugh. From a mom’s standpoint, they are pretty durable, yet flexible. They wash off very easily as their mud jumping has proven. They are a definite hit with my girls

DSC_0005My Cabana, Patricia & Wake (not pictured) are my favorite new shoes. I love wearing heels and wedges, but hate how hard the soles are, and my heels end up burning at the end of the day. The Cabanas are so cushioned, I can even run in them if I had to.. I’m not talking marathons or anything, but if I needed to chase down one of my girls, I could do it. I am now convinced that heels can be comfortable. The Patricia are awesome everyday sandals. They’re actually the first shoes I go for when we take off for the day out. I’ve worn them to the beach, shopping, just about everywhere. My Wake flip flops are always on hand too. When I can’t find my Patricia, I grab my Wake. I love how soft and flexible the sandals are. I almost don’t feel like I’m wearing shoes. I’ve received a lot of compliments on my Crocs. Many people can’t believe they’re Crocs… but they are!

DSC_0007Hubby’s Leather Tideline‘s are pretty comfortable too. I’ve been known to slide them on (although way too big) do run out to get the mail… Back in the Cayman only days, getting my hubby to buy a pair of Crocs didn’t happen. He didn’t know where he’d wear them. They weren’t exactly office type dress shoes. Since getting the Tideline shoes, he’s worn them out and around town, and has commented on how comfortable they are.

DSC_0004On our last trip to the Selma Outlets, we ran into the Crocs Outlet store and bought the girls some of the Minnie Mouse Mary Jane shoes. They absolutely went crazy over the Minnie Mouse shaped cutouts on them, They are a couple of huge Disney fans. I never knew that Crocs had an Outlet store.. but I’m so glad that they do!

So this is my response to all those media outlets calling Crocs dead in the water… They’re not! Stop telling everyone that there’s only one “ugly” style of shoe! Inform them that Crocs has many amazing styles… Many look absolutely NOTHING like the original Cayman shoes!

Oh.. and I almost forgot to mention.. I’ll be wearing my Crocs to BlogHer this year… I’m going for fashion AND comfort!

In case you missed it, Crocs CEO John Duerden also responded on the Crocs Blog… I think his letter was very well written, and very reassuring that Crocs will endure the media gossip.

So, while writing this post, I was got a hold of my contact over at Crocs about the article and I was given the go ahead to run a giveaway for my awesome readers.. Thank you Crocs!!!

The winner will get any shoe of choice under $50 in the Crocs.com store!

Let’s do this… Leave me a comment telling me why you LOVE your Crocs… and if you don’t have any just yet, tell me  what you are most curious about Crocs. That’s all you have to do…

of course.. You may gain additional entries by doing either or all of the following:

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You may enter as many times as you wish, but you must leave a comment each time for it to count.

Entries will be accepted from July 17th- July 31st @ 5pm EST. Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize. Winner must be a resident of the USA. Again, you must leave a comment for each option you choose to enter. *Rules subject to change without notice*

Good Luck!

** In the interest of full disclosure.. Yes, Crocs sent me several pairs of shoes. Only the Rally were for review. The others I just loved enough to tell everyone about. I’ve been a long time Crocs fan, and will continue to be as long as they are around, so whether or not I had received these shoes, this post would have been written. I was not paid for this post in any way. It is purely my opinion, take it as you wish.

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    okay that is enough for tonight, i am tired
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  4. ladybughugs says:

    I love them for the comfort. My favorites are the Chocolate/Cotton Candy Capri. Next I want the Chocolate/Cotton Candy Capri Suede.
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  7. Dawn Cullo says:

    Hi Monica,

    My daughter loves her crocs and I would love to find those Disney crocs. The crocs are great for water play at her preschool because then I don’t have to bring along an extra pair of shoes for her to wear at school.

    Thanks for the great article and photos about crocs!

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    Dawn Cullo
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  8. staysweet says:

    I have wanted to try crocs for awhile, but i havnt gotten a pair yet. This win would be a blessing.

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    I’ve never tried Crocs. I want to see how comfortable they really are.
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  11. CaseyDeuce says:

    I love my crocs cause they were the only thing that I found to be comfortable while I was pregnant and I haven’t looked back since!! They’re my go-to shoes now!!
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    Tweety tweet tweet!!
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  13. Toni-Lynn says:

    I don’t own any Crocs :( Went to the store while at BlogHer and about died. They have some that are totally awesome! Would love to own a pair. I have a 2 and 7 year old so we do a lot of walking at the zoo and such. I hear Crocs are COMFY!


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    I, believe it or not, do not own a pair of CROCS. I wish I did. What I hear most about them is the wide variety they have and COMFORT!! Comfort is the most important thing to me. I’ve browsed around and I’ve seen a couple of pairs I’d adore! (cotton candy pink/oatmeal)…. I’d like to see for myself just how comfy they can be.

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  21. Chrysa says:

    I don’t have any Crocs yet and I want to see if they feel as good as everyone says they do!
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