Fun and Funky Crochet Project with Sashay Yarns

Apr 22, 2013 2 Comments by Disclosure

So I’ve been seeing these really cute scarves everywhere. They’re ruffly and colorful, and I just knew they had to be easy to make… and they really are!

The good news is that whether you knit, or crochet, you can make this scarf easily, and fairly quickly, and for the cost of one skein of yarn! I can’t knit, but when I found the crochet pattern, I was really excited!

Here is the first scarf that I made. Yes, my daughter has already claimed it. I now have to make a purple one for my other daughter. At some point, I’ll be making one for me too!

To make this particular scarf, all you have to do is 420130422_112449
single crochets back and forth until you’ve finished the length of the skein. I’m not kidding! It’s that easy!

Sashay Yarn is a unique kind of yarn with a touch of metallic that creates beautiful ruffle scarves and accessories with just one ball. It looks like a long ribbon while it’s all balled up, but once you really take a look at it, you’ll see that there’s more to it. The fun part is that it comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can make something that goes with just about any outfit.. and for only $4.67 for one skein of yarn, it’s a great price! I’ve seen similar scarves sold in stores for $25 or more!

Here’s a quick video on how to crochet using Sashay Yarn:

After perusing the Red Heart website, I found several other really cute patterns that can be made using the Sashay Yarn.

A Ruffle Pillow

Rose Parade Wrap

Nanette Knit Scarf– I can’t knit to save my life, but I know some of you can :)

20130422_113157Just search around, and you’ll find all kinds of really cute ideas! I have already purchased some extra skeins of the Sashay and have several projects in the works! I can’t wait to work even more with this yarn! It’s so much fun, and they make great gifts! Just think.. Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and if you plan ahead, Christmas would be a great time to give these as gifts too!

If you’d like to purchase some Sashay Yarn to give any of these, or other projects a try, you find it online at or in your local Walmart store’s craft section!


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