It’s not an emergency… until it happens to you.

Jan 23, 2009 7 Comments by Disclosure

So, I’ve always thought that I was safe with how I “baby proofed” my home. I have locks on any under counter cabinet that has any type of cleaning product in it. I have the outlet covers on EVERY outlet in the house. I’ve kept all medications up high and out of reach, even from a step stool. I’ve made sure to keep all pots and pans turned in when cooking on the stove. I STILL have gates at the top and bottom of my stairs, even though my girls are 3 years old, and very cautious when walking on the stairs. We had a heat resistant gate around our fireplace to keep them from touching it and getting burned for a long time. All of this preparation, and none of it prepared me for this morning. I didn’t even think it was possible, but this shows me what “teamwork” can get. 

It was only 7:45 am, and I was still in bed half asleep. I could hear everyone around me, but my eyes just weren’t opening yet. Daddy gets up to get ready for work, and then, I hear it. “OH MY GOD! What are you doing? How much did you take?” That’s all I needed. I was wide awake and running down the hall. I get to my girls’ bathroom, and there they were, with the Children’s Tylenol bottle opened, and their dosage cup and dropper on the counter. Both had pink liquid in them. I freaked out! I grabbed the Tylenol bottle from them and ran back to my bathroom. I didn’t know how they got it from my medicine cabinet or how they then, opened up the “chilI looked inside, swished it around, and felt like there really wasn’t much gone from the bottle. It was about half full to begin with, and it didn’t look or feel less than that afterwards. Once we calmed down enough, we got the girls together and asked them how much they took. We asked who used what device, and how much they put in each one. We tried to stay calm as possible as we tried to get them to tell us how much they had taken. It wasn’t working.. Then Daddy had the idea to ask them to show us on the cup or dropper what line or number they filled it up to. Alexandra told us that she did like Mommy says and only put it to the “1”. She pointed to the 1mL mark on the dropper. Victoria tells us she also did like Mommy says and put it to the “1” line on the cup. She pointed to the 1tsp line. I called the pediatrician and left a message for the advice nurse. After making sure and asking several times, they continued to tell us that they only had up to the “1”. I was feeling a little bit better, but really needed to hear from the pedi. 

I got a call back from the nurse who advised me to just call Poison Control, and she gave me the number. The lady from Poison Control was very helpful. She asked me what happened, and a whole bunch of information about the girls, age, weight, etc. She did a little research and told me that in order to be toxic, they’d have had to drink a little more than an entire bottle each, and I didn’t have that much in there to begin with, so they’d be fine. They shouldn’t get sick, or have any other ill effects. I just couldn’t give them any more for at least 8 hours from the time they took it. No problem. My immediate thought was to figure out a way to not only keep these medications out of reach, but behind some sort of lock also. 

I had made plans to go grocery shopping this morning, so I added the task of looking for a medicine safe. I knew they were available on line at One Step Ahead and Leaps and Bounds, but I wanted something NOW. I didn’t want to wait for them to get shipped. Well, I learned some things just aren’t as easy as I wish they were. The first place I went to was Goore’s. The largest baby and kid store here in Sacramento. They have a pretty large safety section full of gates, outlet covers, corner guards, and door latches, but nothing for keeping medicines locked up. I checked out Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us. I even checked Walgreens and Long’s Drugs. Everyone I asked looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I was SHOCKED that no one carried these things, and especially that no one had even heard of them. Only one person had offered an alternative.. a fire proof safe. I’m sure it’s a great idea, but that was way out of the price range I could afford.

Now, I’m back to square one. I have everything put away up high, in a different spot, but still not behind a lock. Oh, and the other thought.. if they can figure out how to get into my bathroom cabinet… they’re more than likely going to be able to get into my cleaning supplies… Yet one other huge fear of mine. I know the same company that makes the medicine safe makes one for cleaning supplies, but again, no where to be found here locally. 

So, what do you do with your medicines? Do you have them locked up? Where do you store them? Obviously my storage solution wasn’t as secure as I thought it was. I’m still in shock that it happened here.

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7 Responses to “It’s not an emergency… until it happens to you.”

  1. califmom says:

    I’d go to Home Depot and get a keyed cabinet lock that can be installed on your regular cabinet doors. The other extremely childproof lock is the TotLok (the one with the magnet). As long as you keep the magnet far out of their reach (even their creative reach), it should do the trick.

    Also, as a mother of a 10yo and 12yo, I will tell you that we’ve been there, done that. Hugs to you after a scary day.

    califmoms last blog post..BlogHer: What its all about

  2. ElleDoesIt says:

    That’s enough to freak any parent out. And it only takes a matter of seconds for kids to be out of your sight for them to get into something. Let me tell you… one good way to handle medicine is to never let them see you access it. They probably love to see you “play nursie” and want to copy that, so do all your dosing out of sight and bring them medicine in the most boring ways possible. Glad they are OK!!

  3. Elizabeth Norton says:

    Hope you get some sleep tonight girl!!! I feel so bad you had a rough day!
    No one is perfect including us moms. We are all a work in progress =)

    Elizabeth Nortons last blog post..National Compliment Day

  4. Anne says:

    Whoa… scary stuff. It\’s happened here too so I know the feeling. Hope you find that cabinet. I just keep all my meds in a locked box on the top shelf of my pantry, hidden between other boxes and stuff. My kids have no clue I even have a medicine box, because I keep a small first aid box in the bathroom with cotton, band-aids and some mild alcohol swabs in it as a diversion. A couple of months back I added a small bottle of flavored water (as a test) and some of it got drunk… so I know my medicine box has to stay put for a long while more.

    Good luck with your search… glad the girls are OK.

  5. shannon says:

    Thanks for sharing, it is making me realize that I need to be more conscious on where I store our meds !

  6. Ann says:

    What a frightening experience for you. Glad they’re OK. We keep a combination lock on our medicine cabinet. I think ElleDoesit gave a good comment too when she said to never let them see you access it. Then they’ll never know to play with it. Let us know how it goes.

  7. tiffany says:

    I feel you, I had the same thing happen to me. My son got a hold of the liquid vicks and freaked. Everything starts running through your head, like how much, why werent you watching him closer, just about anything. He ended up spilling most of it but did manage to put it to his face. What scared me the most was that when I called the poison control they told me that vicks could cause seziures. I broke down completley by then. After that we didnt have alot of money to lock everything up so we bought a tackle box that had a lock attachment and it works perfect for now. Ladies dont let this happen to you never leave anything out, not even while your using it.

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