Kisado kicked my bootie…

Sep 01, 2010 3 Comments by Disclosure

This is more for the Jacksonville, NC area, but I figured I would tell everyone about this anyway…

So, the TaeKwonDo school that my girls and I have attended since April has started offering a new fitness class in addition to traditional TaeKwonDo. It’s less martial art and more of a fitness program… Kisado

I’m sure you’ve heard of various High Intensity Interval Training workouts, the ones that tell you that you can lose tons of weight in only a few minutes of a workout… I never believed in them, until now.

My husband and I have been volunteers to test out the new Kisado class at Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academy here in Jacksonville, and after each class, I’ve felt awesome. The classes are only about 40 minutes long, including warm up and cool down stretches. I’m not the most fit person… but I’m working on it, and I am so excited to have these classes now! TaeKwonDo has been an amazing workout, but adding this to my routine is going to really help me! I love that the workout is all about me. I do how much I can, rest when I need to, and just jump right back into it. I work up such a sweat that I’m leaving puddles on the ground… gross, I know… but darn it.. it’s so awesome…

Anyway… If you are in the Jacksonville, NC area, come by Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo academy! The Kisado classes start the Wednesday after Labor Day at 630 am or 11am . I’m already seeing results… I’m feeling better, and have more energy… I’m actually looking forward to classes now!

***UPDATE: If you are in the Jacksonville area and are interested in a weekday evening class, please leave a comment on this post! An evening class during the week would most likely run at 8pm and would probably be twice a week.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just really love the class, and figured I’d share something very important in my weight loss journey. I’m down to a 16 from a 22, and wearing regular sizes now!!! No more plus sizes!!! WOOT!

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  1. Diane says:

    Congratulations on your weight/size change! I will be trying my first kisado class tomorrow – I’m a little nervous! I had knee surgery 7 months ago, so I was trying to figure out some info about it it seems like a new thing just hitting the ITA schools. My husband and boys take juijitsu and tkd there, I have been doing yoga 2 times a week. In the last 3 weeks I’ve been beginning to run to train for a 5k and am doing cardio 5 times a week and strength training twice a week with a trainer so i think I’ll be ok! But I keep hearing about how intense it is! How often do you go that got you results like that!?

  2. Monica says:

    Hi Diane!!

    Thanks for the comment!!! You’re going to LOVE Kisado! I’ve been doing TKD since April… and going 2x a week. Kisado just started for us after Labor Day Weekend, so I’ve been going since then… The size change is since I started TKD in April.. Keep in mind, we also did some diet changes too… Whole Grains instead of white breads, watched the ingredients in foods… Only natural, not foods with lots of preservatives, etc… It’s a lifestyle change… but it’s worth it!

  3. Exercise… It’s fun AND good for me! | Mommy Brain Reports says:

    […] I can help my girls with as they progress through the ranks. When Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo brought in Kisado, I knew I had to jump in and do it. It’s a blast, and I love the “Me” time that I […]

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