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When Fine Dining includes milk filled sippy cups, spaghetti sauce stains, and a whole package of napkins.

We’ve started taking the girls out to eat a lot more now since they’re getting a little older, and need to learn how to handle different foods. I figured our experimentation with different restaurants in the Sacramento area could possibly help anyone else in the area who’s looking to take their family out on a fun filled “fine dining” experience.

The first of these Restaurants I’d like to review is Outback Steakhouse at 181 N. Sunrise Avenue in Roseville, CA. We took the girls there for dinner on a very busy Saturday evening. It just happened to be 6pm on the day before Mother’s Day, and we were in the Roseville area. We called to check on the wait, and were told it would be approximately 70 minutes, but that we could put in for call ahead seating. What a relief that was! I’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants here don’t take reservations anymore, nor do they do the call ahead seating. It makes it VERY difficult to visit those restaurants, especially when you’re waiting with two very hungry 2 year olds!

In any case, We got to Outback, expecting about an hour-45 minute wait. Daddy went inside and asked if there was anything he could buy to give to the girls while we waited. The gal gave him a bread setup (bread, butter, cutting board, etc) for free.. It worked out quite well. The girls snacked on the bread and danced around the front area for a while. We ended up waiting around 45-50 minutes before we were seated. Once seated, our server greeted us and the girls were given crayons and a kids menu to color on. She got our drink & appetizer order, which was brought to us very quickly considering how busy they were. Not too long after we made our meal orders, those arrived as well. We had ordered chicken strips and fries for the girls, which they absolutely loved. The adult dinners were awesome! The girls even had a few bites of baby back ribs.

All in all, this place is definitely recommended for families! The atmosphere is fun and friendly, and the food is DE-LISH! Check it out!

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