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Nov 01, 2008 66 Comments by Disclosure

When Soda Club USA offered us the opportunity to try out their Soda Stream Soda Machine, I was so excited! The thought of making my own soda, and sparkling water was just music to my… umm. tastebuds.. Not to mention the money we could save! I just couldn’t wait for it to be delivered!

The day it arrived, I felt like Santa had come by, only he looked like the FedEx guy… I brought it inside, and while the girls were napping, I opened everything up and took a look at the instructions. Of course, by the time I was ready to try it out, my girls had woken up, and were just as excited to try the Soda Stream out as I was. I don’t normally let the girls drink soda, but I thought this could be an exception. I do like them to enjoy making things and enjoying what they make. 

I took a look at the nutrition information of the Soda Club Sodas, and was just blown away when I compared them to name brand sodas. I couldn’t believe how much better for you the Soda Club Sodas actually are. Here’s just a couple of comparisions for example:







Pepsi ®






Coca-Cola ®






Soda-Club Cola












7-UP ®






Sierra Mist®






Sprite ®






Soda-Club Lemon Lime






You can see the rest of the comparisons at the Soda Club comparison page. The Soda Club Sodas are perfect when you’re dieting… even if you drink the regular flavors! The Diet sodas are sugar free, and use Splenda which is actually recommended by the ADA for people with Diabetes. After tasting a few of the flavors, I actually think the diet flavors are pretty good! 

The machine itself, is very easy to use. All you have to do is screw in the carbonator bottle, and put the cover on the back. When you’re ready to make some seltzer water, or soda, you fill up your 1 liter bottle with regular tap water, or filtered water. Using cold water is recommended. Next, push back the tilt lever and screw the bottle to the nozzle on the carbonator. Press the carbonator button until you hear a loud buzzing sound. Press and release a few more times to carbonate the water to your preference. Press the tilt lever, and untwist the bottle. Tilt the bottle, and very, very slowly add the Soda Mix flavor of your choice. Mix the Soda Mix and water by tilting, not shaking the bottle several times, and let it settle. Enjoy! It’s that easy!

Now, aside from the great flavors, the ease of use, and the great fun you can have mixing flavors, and drinks… You are also helping the environment and saving money! Let me explain!

How you’re saving the environment:

  • You are drastically reducing waste from store bought cans and bottles.
  • The Machine takes NO batteries or electricity to run, so you can use it just about anywhere!
  • A typical family of four (like mine) could slash their soft drink related packaging usage by 90% just by using a Soda Club maker rather than buying cans or bottles. 

The plastic carbonating bottles are reusable for up to three years, and the Penguin glass bottles last even longer. They are also pthalate and BPA free and recyclable!

The carbonators are cleaned, inspected and refilled when they’re empty with CO2 that is taken naturally from the air. They are reused until they are no longer in good condition. 

Store bought sodas travel from the bottling plant to the store shelves, typically in trucks that are not very fuel efficient. Soda Club sodas are made with the water already in your home, so you save tons of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere. 

You have great tasting sodas and seltzer waters, easy to make, and very convenient, and you’re helping to save the environment while you enjoy them! Now, what more could you possibly wish for? 

How about your very own Soda Stream???? Yes, you heard it! Soda Club USA has offered Mommy Brain Reports one Soda Stream Fountain Jet Startup Kit. This kit includes the Fountain Jet Black/Silver Home Soda Maker, 2, 60 Liter Carbonatores (makes approx 120 liters of seltzer), 2 plastic carbonating bottles, and 3 SodaMix bottles in the flavors of your choice. Each bottle makes approx 12 liters of soda. A value of $134.98 (including shipping)!!!

Here’s how you can enter:

1. Go to the Soda Club USA site. Come back to MBR and leave me a comment stating why you think this is perfect for your family!

2. Go to Soda Club USA. Come back to MBR and leave me a comment stating what 3 flavors you’d choose if you win. 

3. Subscribe to my newsletter (Link on right sidebar). Leave me a comment stating you did so. 

4. Blog about this giveaway, linking to this post in your post! Leave me a comment with a link back to your site! 

5. Grab a badge! Place it on your site, and leave me a comment with a link back!

**You must leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry for it to count as a separate entry!

Contest will run from 1 November at 12:01am to 15 November at 11:59pm. You must be a resident of the Continental US or Canada to enter (Sorry, they can’t ship to AK, HI, PR, US Virgin Islands or APO/FPO addresses). Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email! If winner does not reply, another winner will be chosen at random!  

Now go check out Soda Club USA!

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66 Responses to “Mommy Brain Reports – Soda Club & Giveaway!”

  1. Rebecca C says:

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here


    Rebecca Cs last blog post..Baby Potential Review and Giveaway

  2. Tamra Augostino says:

    I know my family would love this. We have tried to cut down on soda in our household because of the high fructose corn syrup in most of the “kids” soda. I would love the chance to make our own.
    Plus, we’ve been spending alot of time learning how to repurpose recycled items. We never realized how much waste there is in packaging.

    Tamra Augostinos last blog post..EtsyBlogger Team’s Featured Artist

  3. Tamra Augostino says:

    Here are my favorite three flavors:

    1. Diet Root Beer
    2. Diet Lemon-Lime
    3. Diet Cranberry Raspberry

    Tamra Augostinos last blog post..EtsyBlogger Team’s Featured Artist

  4. Tamra Augostino says:

    I just joined your mailing list.

    Tamra Augostinos last blog post..EtsyBlogger Team’s Featured Artist

  5. TheConsumerQueen says:

    This might help me kick my bad Dr. pepper habit! Love to enter!

    TheConsumerQueens last blog post..Online Shopping Deals !

  6. Camilla says:

    What a brilliant product! I’m a seltzer fan but never buy it because it’s seems too expensive for just water and my husband is a soda fanatic. So this would save us a ton of cash which would be welcome right about now!

  7. Camilla says:

    Honey would definitely like lemon-lime, cola and orange for starters but they all sound yummy.

  8. Camilla says:

    Subscribed as well – I so want to win one of these :-)

  9. Nancy M. says:

    I drink a lot of Seltzer – I’m always running to the supermarket to buy a couple of bottles at a time since I live in New York and have to carry home all of my groceries. Would love to win the Soda Stream!

    Nancy M.s last blog post..nancy_martira: Look, Twitter, if you’re going to crash, at least have the decency to throw up the Fail Whale.

  10. Shera (A Frog In My Soup) says:

    I honestly cannot tellyou how long I’ve wanted one of these for our family, but it’s been years. With six boys and all their parties, this would be beyond fabulous! I’ve always loved the fact that it’s less expensive and healthier!!

    Shera (A Frog In My Soup)s last blog post..Evenflo Symphony Review & Giveaway

  11. Luxe says:

    This would be great for our family because we can control the ingredients. And also because we would be producing less waste. This is a really cool product.

  12. Luxe says:

    We would love Root Beer, Ginger Ale and Grape flavors. Yum Yum

  13. Eloise Carlson says:

    I would love to win one of these because I drink a lot of soda and this would be better for me with the less sugar and calories. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!


  14. Eloise Carlson says:

    We would like Pete’s Choice, Cola and Orange. Thanks again for a great giveaway!


  15. Eloise Carlson says:

    I have also subscribed to your newsletter, thanks yet once again!


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