Never be “Hangry” With ZonePerfect bars!

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School is back in, and that means always being on the go, whether it’s volunteering, getting in those early morning workouts, coaching the kids’ sports team, or finally catching up on the house work… You’re going to be busy. For years, I thought that once the kids were in school, I would have all kinds of time to just relax and get my to-do list done. That was so not the case. I am constantly on the go, and sometimes, that means I forget, or don’t have time to eat something worthy of my hunger. 
I have tried a myriad of nutrition bars, and have found a few that were pretty good… This time, I was offered the chance to try the new ZonePerfect nutrition bars, and have found a couple of flavors that are yummy, and nutritious enough that I can keep them on hand when I get super hungry, especially after my workouts when I am most susceptible to having a “snacking accident”! It’s those “Little Wins” that can help keep my nutrition program within reasonable numbers. The ZonePerfect nutrition bars have a good amount of protein in them, which is what you need to keep your tummy growling at bay! 
The ZonePerfect nutrition bars are easy to  find. They’re in the pharmacy section of your local Walmart stores, or online at, and they’re only $4.77 for a box of 5! We tried out the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Fudge Graham bars, and they are very yummy! Some nutrition bars out there can taste funny, or feel a little gritty, but these don’t! ZonePerfect has figured out how to make a delicious AND nutritious bar that can hold off hunger until you can get to your regularly scheduled meal! 
I keep a bar with me when I swim, bike, or run! What about you? When are you most in need of an emergency snack? What are your #LittleWins when it comes to nutrition? 

*I have been compensated by ZonePerfect for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own*

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