Nickelodeon Holiday Money Saving Tips Giveaway

Nov 26, 2008 578 Comments by Disclosure

This Giveaway is now Closed

You can win a $500 Walmart gift card on Mommy Brain Reports!!!

Yes, you heard read it correctly. $500. From November 26th through December 15th you can enter here to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card, courtesy of Nickelodeon! We want to know how you save money during the holidays!

This contest is going to require some work! There are 4 ways you can enter to win:

1. Leave me a comment stating your best money saving tips for the holiday season! If you entered any of my previous contests that asked the same thing, you may repost your same comments.

2. Turn your tips into a video! Show me what you’re doing this holiday season to save money! Upload it to YouTube, Photobucket, or Google Picasa, and leave me a link here! Be sure to mention Mommy Brain Reports in your video!

3. Blog about this giveaway and comment here with a link!

4. Tweet a money saving tip using the hashtag #nick and #11moms in your tweet! Then leave a comment with a link to your tweet!

Winner will be chosen at random at 12NOON PST Monday December 15th! Winner will be notified that afternoon, and will have 24 hours to reply! Winner will be announced on Mommy Brain Reports Wednesday December 17th.

For even more chances to win, check out all of the WalmartMoms sites!!!
Good luck!!!

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578 Responses to “Nickelodeon Holiday Money Saving Tips Giveaway”

  1. R Hicks says:

    One thing our family does is draw names out of a hat. this saves everyone money and it is easy to shop for just one person.

    ardy22 at

  2. Beverly M says:

    Right after Christmas is a great time to shop for wrapping paper, cards, decorations,etc, for the next year. You can save at least 50% and sometimes more.

  3. Heather C says:

    Hit the stores after Christmas to buy ornaments for gifts next year. Also buy things that would be great for dirty Santa events and Christmas gift exchanges! Hula-Santa, anyone?

  4. Sherry R says:

    Do your shopping online! Not only do you save on gas, but many sites offer free shipping around Christmas! You can even have your gift shipped directly to the recipient, saving you postage to send it yourself!

  5. Brandy says:

    My best advice is to use the internet to your advantage. You can save a lot of gas money with free shipping deals. Also, there a few really good websites that post fantastic deals regularly. I check those a couple of times a day and get some great prices on gifts!

  6. Lily Kwan says:

    I like to give homemade crafts as Christmas presents.

  7. Brandy says:


    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  8. Brittney] says:

    My holiday money saving tip is to give crafted and baked goods. Like cookies, scarfs, hats, ext.
    These gifts are made with love and allow the giver to express their appreciation and give a gift withouth wrecking their entire budget.

  9. Lori C. says:

    I save money by limitiing my shopping to online shopping – fewer temptations that way!

  10. Pauline M says:

    I spent three years paying off my blasted credit cards and have finally made that a reality. I found it’s like quitting smoking, it was painful at first and now it’s easy. I budgeted a preset amount and have locked myself to the budget. Keep lists of the things you want and need. Working for these items by paying cash saves you the stress of figuring out how to pay for it. I made my life simple and it works. Shop the sales, with the economy the way it is, it is much easier to find better deals for the things your kids want and be patient… it’s it not on sale today, it probably will be tomorrow!

  11. Barbara Long says:

    Set a holiday gift budget you can afford and stick to it. Supplement your gift giving with hand made items, baked goods or nice dollar store finds.

  12. Helen says:

    I really stick to a budget and shop year round for the best bargains. I also bake and that’s a more appreciated gift as people love my baking.

  13. Kathy Emerick says:

    I make alot of holiday gift baskets and I save big buck by using coupons at the dollar store. For example: Dove shampoo cost $1.50 coupon $1.00 off so I only pay .50 for the shampoo. My family and friends get excited when I start making the baskets. They just love it and it will always be something that they could use.

  14. Angela says:

    My tip: Use the internet to its fullest potential. Search for and research your major purchases first to see where you can get a good deal. Don’t worry about buying online; there are several safety measures taken to preserve your identity. BUT… Keep in mind to only shop at those sites you trust, and that OTHERs trust. I try to look for online reviews of the site as well. If you shop at a store often, the best way to receive discounts is to sign up for their email notifications. I get the best deals that way. If you miss out on one, you can always do a search for online coupon or promotion codes too.

  15. Grace says:

    Clip coupons for grocery items, especially baking ingredients for the holidays.

  16. Andrea says:

    Save gift bags & bows from year to year. Pick up gifts through out the year to help the Dec. budget.

  17. Ingrid J. says:

    I have a few things already for my family that I got throughout the year. I only need to buy 1 gift for each of my family members. They will all still have a nice Christmas.

  18. Linda Iverson says:

    If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy it.

  19. Barbara Baker says:

    My best money saving tip this Christmas is simple:

    instead of going and buying new ornament for the holidays, wait until after Christmas and purchase next years decorations then. If you want to save even more money; make homemade ornaments since they are much less expensive and you have a ton of quality time with the kids (which ends up being priceless)…all you need is flour (2 cups), salt (1 cup), 3 table spoons vegitable oil and 1 cup water…you can add about three table spoons cinnamon too (optional; makes the house smell so great). after you’ve mixed all ingredients; oh and heated the oven to 250; roll out dough, cut them with your favorite cookie cutters and bake for one hour…you’ll have enough to decorate your whole tree.

    There’s my tip, hope you like it!!!! Hope I’m not too late for the entry!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    -barbarabaker :)

    Barbara Bakers last blog post..My Christmas Tree (last year)

  20. Betty C says:

    I shop year round for sales and unusual items for the following holidays. When sales are sluggish you can find some great buys.

  21. Susan P says:

    reuse bags and bows, thanks

  22. kelly says:

    Make your own gifts. Reuse gift bags. Use an artifitial tree.

  23. Cynthia Hagood says:

    make a list and stick with it. Buy what is necessary and nothing else. No frills.

  24. Melissa Thomson says:

    I make my own fudge to give as gifts. Only take cash to the store, so you don’t go over budget!

  25. Tammy OHagan says:

    My best tip would be to teach your children to value old fashion hard work instead of commercialized Fads. Have them make their own christmas cards and tree decorations. If you have a Gift exchange amongst adult, have it a NO BUY rule… you have to make it with your own hands!

    I’m sure that’s not the kind of tip your looking for especially in this day and age!

    Also, I make a list of whom I need to buy for IN JANUARY, then throughout the year I buy items on clearance and/or with coupons. Stick to the list. Do not impulse buy! My wallet does not know what retail means because I refuse to purchase gifts at retail. I’m not a scrooge…really. It’s just that when your bring home pay is less than 1,000 per month you stretch where and when you can.

    Same goes for decorations, those that we don’t make, we purchase AFTER the holidays and put them away for the following year.

    Stockpile items with coupons so you are buying them at about 90% OFF. Purchasing a case of ketchup, mayo, beans, whatever… will keep you from paying full price throughout the rest of the year! One time I bought 9 PALLETS of toilet paper (15 four packs to a pallet) because I had a coupon that made them free. We gave 1 pallet to the food pantry, divided 1 pallet up among friends & family and the rest we kept. It last 2 years!

    Tammy OHagan
    tammyohagan ~~~ AT ~~~ westco ~~~ DOT ~~~ net

  26. tracey says:

    i use stuff from nature, like pine cones. thanks [email protected]

  27. Brandon Seto says:

    I clip coupons and look for items on sale!

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