Not So Lame Baby Shower Games

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So, this isn’t the typical type of thing I write about here on Mommy Brain Reports, but I got a request tonight to put  together a list of baby shower games. Some of them are pretty traditional, and others may be something new… Check them out, and I hope these give you some great ideas! Have fun!

Name that tune: Find 15-20 songs that have the word “Baby” in the title, and create a CD with 10-15 second clips of each song. Make sure you have a list with the title and artists! Have your guests listen to the CD clips and guess the title and artist of each song. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

– Memory- but it’s not what you think! Have mom carry around a tray with about 15-20, small baby related items (safety pins, wipes, rattle, diaper cream, etc.) on it. Show each guest for about 30 seconds, and then have Mom leave the room. Tell your guests – “You had your chance to look at the items on the tray. Now, write down everything Mommy’s wearing right now.” and give them two or three minutes to do that.

– Don’t say BABY! Give everyone 5 clothespins and have them clip them to their shirt, or somewhere visible. Have 10 to 20 minutes where no one can say the word “baby”. If they do, the person that hears them and calls them out on it gets to take a pin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of your time period wins.

– Baby Lists: Give them all a piece of paper and ask them how many baby items they can think of in 1, 2 or 3 minutes. Whoever writes down the most wins.

– Baby Word Scramble: Get a list of baby related words together and scramble them up. (STROLLER would be RTLORSLE) Whoever unscrambles the most in a set amount of time wins.

– I Spy Baby things: Hide baby items around the house, but don’t tell anyone where they are. Have people write down the items they see and where they are, perhaps take a photo of them. Person to find the most wins.

How well do you know the mommy-to-be? Played Newlywed game style. Ask questions (What does Mommy miss most during pregnancy?) and have everyone write down the answer they think is correct. Then as mom to answer the questions (already written down so no cheating) … Whoever gets the most correct wins.

‎- Baby Shower Bingo: Hand out the cards before the gifts are opened, and have guests check them off as Mommy to be opens her gifts.

Baby Bottle Drink Off: Put juice or water in baby bottles… Have guests drink as fast as possible. First one to finish wins. Make it a relay by separating the guests into teams. The first person must finish their bottle and then the next person goes and so on. The first team to finish wins.

Who is That Beautiful Baby: Collect baby photos from each guest and put them up on a bulletin board. Number them and have guests write down who they think the photos are of… Whoever gets the most wins.

Guess How Many: Fill a baby bottle with small candies, Skittles, Jelly Beans and Plain M&M’s work well. Have the party guests write down their guess on a piece of paper. Whoever guesses the closest wins!

-Baby Block Relay: Divide up the group into teams and give each person a baby block. Any blocks will do. Now split your teams in half and line them up a few feet across from each other. Set a block on the floor in front of Line 1. The first person will pick up the block on the floor, put her block on top and race across the room to Line 2. The next person takes the blocks from her team mate, and adds her block to the stack. Team mates go back and forth adding their block to the stack each time and carrying it to their team mate on the opposite side. This continues until the first player gets the stack of blocks back and must successfully walk from Line B back to Line A without spilling her stack of blocks.

If any player spills their stack of blocks between the starting and ending points, then that player must then return to their starting point, re-stack their blocks and try again.

First team to finish the Baby Block Relay wins.

– Baby Food Taste Test: Take 6 to 10 jars of baby food like carrots, peas and sweet potatoes, remove the labels and number them. Stir up each jar and  have each guest sample the baby food and write down their guess. The person getting the most right answers wins a prize… Keep a camera on standby. You just might catch some funny faces!

– Baby Name Game: On a sheet of paper, create 3 columns and put each letter of the alphabet with a line next to it. Tell your guests that they have to write down a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. Names must be real and not random made up words. First person to fill the entire sheet wins.

Wanna Make A Bet?: Give out note cards and pens to each guest. Give them mom’s official due date. Have each guest write down her name, email address, and the date she guesses that baby will be born and then hand it over to the party hostess with $5 or $10. Now, after baby is born, the shower hostess will send out an email to all of the guests who attended the shower, announcing the winner. The cash that was collected will go to the winner!

If you’d like free printables for your baby shower… here are a few I’ve rounded up!

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