Mommy Brain Reports on –

Jul 07, 2008 2 Comments

I was offered a 3 month membership to, a membership based site that provides several lists for all occasions you could possibly think of… Some lists I had never even thought of. It’s a very novel concept, in that everyone would love to be more organized with their lives. My first time logging into the […]

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Some food for thought…

Jul 05, 2008 No Comments

A very good friend of mine, who is also a professional stylist, reads my blog, and wrote a reply to my last Green Monday post. It gave me something to think about! I trust her completely with style tips, and only wish we were in the same area so she could do my hair, etc…  […]

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Bissell Little Green Steam Machine

Jul 03, 2008 7 Comments

When my husband gave me a Bissell Little Green Steam Machine for Christmas, I was actually very excited. I knew that this thing was going to be put to some good use, especially with TWINS! I don’t think I knew the extent of how useful it was going to be until they got a little […]

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Be Reviewed on LIVE TV!

Jul 03, 2008 No Comments

I have just been invited, and confirmed to do a segment on Good Day Sacramento with Julissa Ortiz! I’m super excited about this amazing opportunity, and I wanted to pass on the fun! If anyone is looking for a great opportunity to get your product out in the public eye, let me know! The segment is currently scheduled […]

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California Handsfree Law- Free Headset

Jul 01, 2008 6 Comments

Today, California’s Handsfree Law went into effect! That means, no talking on the phone without a handsfree device! If you haven’t yet, you need to make sure you keep a handsfree device with you while driving! There are so many to choose from, how do you know which one is best? You can go to […]

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Green Monday- Reusable Grocery Bags

Jun 29, 2008 No Comments

We all know how bad plastic grocery bags are for the environment. Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a little “ghost” floating up from everyone’s tires as they drive by it? I’ve seen that several times in my city, and it’s just sad! I hate seeing garbage out there, especially these […]

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