5th Annual Rhythm & Ribs!!

Aug 05, 2008 4 Comments

This is sure to be an absolute blast! I highly recommend attending if you can! The last 5 years it has been an outstanding success… with over 25,000 visitors over the 3 day event, you can enjoy the national rib cook-off, a kids zone, and lots of craft vendors… It’s definitely an event you don’t […]

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Green Monday- Web Hosting!!

Aug 04, 2008 5 Comments

Yes… You can choose a green web host! We have Dreamhost as our web hosting company… They are darn great for the price! And now on top of the awesome perks we get, we are hosting Green! Here’s what they did… They found out that they generated as much carbon dioxide as 545 average sized homes, […]

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And the winner is…

Aug 02, 2008 3 Comments

With 67 comments plus all the extras thanks to those of you who blogged it, added a button or badge on your blog, and linked me to all the different social networking sites… There were so many entries into the Baby Signs/Baby Minds contest… and I thank each and every one of you who entered… […]

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Mommy Brain Reports on- Baby Signs- A Giveaway

Jul 29, 2008 70 Comments

I had heard of these Baby Signs when I was pregnant, and I was super skeptical when we first heard about it, but we went to the Baby Expo in Sacramento, and I saw a set of boy twins watching the TV, and “talking” to each other in the signs! I was convinced that I […]

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Green Monday – Kitchen Remodel

Jul 28, 2008 4 Comments

If you’re looking into remodeling your kitchen, as many people are right now… There are so many options out there that would not only look great, but be eco-friendly as well! One of the coolest things I’ve seen are the recycled stone-chipped composite countertops! They look just like granite, and are just as durable! I […]

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Mommy Brain Reports on – Prince Lionheart Adjustable Stove Guard

Jul 26, 2008 No Comments

As my girls got older and started getting taller, I knew that safety was going to be the major topic in the house, especially in the kitchen. Victoria had already burned herself once when she started playing with my unplugged, yet still hot curling iron one morning. She knew what “hot” was. Alexandra, though, had […]

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