Recipe Challenge- Italian Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Jul 17, 2016 No Comments

You’ve seen a couple of posts where I get to make up some recipe using ingredients that were sent to me… like everyone’s favorite cooking show, “Chopped”… Well… I got to do it again! This will be the last in this secret box series from Walmart, and it was a lot of fun! This time, […]

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Moving on- Memoirs of a Former Walmart Mom

Jul 17, 2016 1 Comment

The Walmart Moms… originally knows as the Walmart Eleven Moms. I was not one of the original 11… I was number 12. I was so excited as I was just starting out on this website. I had blogged for several years prior, but it was a personal blog while the hubby was in the USMC, and WordPress […]

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Celebrate a Local High School Student by Nominating Them For An M Award

Jul 11, 2016 No Comments

Have you heard of the “M Awards”? If not, listen up! The “M Awards, are sponsored by MISSIONAthlete and celebrate high school student-athletes who are role models in their communities. I have nominated Summer Huls, a graduating High School Senior from Northside High School. She is a true leader in her community as well as on the Lacrosse […]

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Too Busy? You May Need Some Balance

Jul 08, 2016 1 Comment

** This post contains affiliate links. I was compensated for my time and efforts on this post and giveaway. My opinions are 100% my own. Between sports, meetings, school, dance lessons, and well, life… you may forget a meal or two here and there. I do it all the time, and eventually, it catches up […]

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Getting out the tough stains with BIZ

Jun 28, 2016 No Comments

When I say tough stains… I really mean… TOUGH STAINS. When I signed on to work with BIZ, I wasn’t sure if it could “hang” with our laundry needs, and I really wanted to put it to the test… So.. I did… against one of the toughest stains I could think of…. Blood… dun dun […]

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Recipe: Red, White and Blue Mini Fruit Pizzas

Jun 28, 2016 2 Comments

It’s almost time to celebrate Independence Day! Every year, we typically get a picnic together and head out to the Marine Corps Base for their 4th of July Festival and Fireworks Show! No picnic is complete without a yummy dessert, and since it IS the 4th of July, I figured I’d get festive with it! […]

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