Pearls Olives to Go!- Great Snack or Pre-Measured Ingredients

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As a child, I was always digging into the can of olives when grandma was cooking, or rush to grab an olive on each finger out of the snack trays at our big family holiday meals. I’d walk around eating whole olives off of my finger tips and go back for more…. Don’t tell me you didn’t do that too!

Well, my little girls are not unlike me… They love olives too, and I often find myself laughing when they rush into the kitchen to steal olives while I’m preparing a meal. When I was offered a chance to check out the Pearls Olives to Go! products, I jumped!

Musco Family Olive Co., the leading branded supplier of table olives in America, introduced Pearls Olives to Go! in 2013. These single-serving, liquid-free cups are filled with delicious California-grown large pitted black ripe olives (and added new varieties in 2014). An instant hit with moms and kids alike.

This may very well be the biggest innovation for olives since pitting them.  With gluten-free flavors, dairy-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, GMO-free, vegan and Kosher what healthier way to snack on the go? Toss some in your car, plane or backpack and you’re off! Today, we even tossed one in each of the girls’ school lunches and they were excited about it!

DSC_0014The convenience of Pearls Olives To Go does not stop there…no…stock some in your pantry for a fast grab for your family’s homemade pizza night or throw some in your favorite casseroles. We used them on our lasagna, our enchiladas, and even cooked some into my mediterranean chicken recipe. My most favorite way to eat them, though… is on a salad. I’ll use either the pitted black olives or the sliced black olives for most of my garden salads, and the kalamata olives are perfect on a greek salad with some feta, cucumbers and greek dressing! Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways you can use the Pearls Olives to Go!

If you love olives as much as I do, you’re going to want to check these products out! Find more information about Pearls Olives to Go! online at, or head over to your local Walmart store to pick some up!


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