Red White & Blue Berry Trifle Dessert for Independence Day

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Independence Day is coming soon! For us, that means a get together with friends, which usually means BBQ, or Potluck of some sort. Usually, we take care of the main entree, or sides, but this year, us Walmart moms have been challenged to create a Red White & Blue recipe that is worthy of a 4th of July get together…  I wanted to make something that even I could eat with my weight loss plan, and I didn’t want to use any food coloring or dyes, so, I went with fresh food… Everything I got is from my local Walmart store, which means I was able to get everything I needed at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices! This recipe is very quick and easy to make, and can serve up to 20 people!


Red White & Blue Berry Trifle Dessert Cake

Here’s what you need: 

2 loaves of Vanilla Pound Cake or Angel Food Cake

1 lb Fresh Strawberries

1 lb Fresh Blueberriess

12 oz Fresh Raspberries

2 packages Fat Free Whipped Cream

Trifle Dish

Here’s how you make it: 


1. Cut the pound cake into approx 1 in cubes. You’ll get 6 pieces per slice.


2. Wash all berries, and slice strawberries.

3. Place Pound Cake cubes in a layer, covering the bottom of the Trifle Dish.


4. Use a rubber spatula to cover the Pound Cake cubes in a layer of Whipped Cream.


5. Spread Blueberries in a layer over the Whipped Cream, reserving a hand full for the top.

6. Repeat from Step 3 using Raspberries (or Strawberries if you don’t use Raspberries)


7. For the top layer, place Strawberries in a ring around the edge of the cake, and fill in the center with Blueberries.


8. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

The best part about this dessert is that it’s fairly diet friendly. The way I worked it out with the pound cake, 6 cubes or one slice of pound cake, two tbsp of Whipped Cream, and a reasonable amount of fruit is only approx 5 WW points, if you’re counting those…  Using Angel Food Cake would reduce it by 1 point per serving. Not bad!!!!

I hope this helps you out with a dessert idea for your Independence Day pot luck, or just a dessert idea for the Summer! Enjoy!

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