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When we bought our house, we chose a carpet that wouldn’t show dirt, and other stains as much as other carpets we looked at. We liked the idea that our carpet would look good, even if there was a minor spill or something tracked in… We could vacuum it up, and not worry too much about it. Boy were we wrong! I mean, sure, our carpet didn’t LOOK that dirty to me after vacuuming it, but the Bissell Deep Clean Premier was about to prove me totally wrong.

As a Walmart Mom, I was sent the Bissell Deep Clean Premier to give it test run on my carpets. I decided the living room would be the best room to try it in. The carpet needed to be vacuumed anyhow, so this would just be icing on the cake. I didn’t expect to see what I eventually saw.

First, I moved out a part of our sectional, and picked up all the things that I found underneath. Then I used my vacuum cleaner to pick up some of the bigger bits of paper and whatever dust or dirt that might be on the carpet. The container had stuff in it when I was done, so I thought that would be the end of it, but no.2

After putting the Bissell Deep Clean Premier together, which only consisted of putting on the handle and the cord keeper, I was ready to really clean these carpets.


I started by pouring 5oz of solution into the reservoir and then filling it the rest of the way with hot tap water. I replaced the reservoir into the base of the cleaner and turned on the power.


After a few passes, I didn’t really notice much of a difference, but I kept going. I was thinking that my vacuum really did get all the dirt and dust out of the carpet, but soon found out that the Bissell Deep Clean Premier was doing exactly what it’s name said it would do.


It was getting dirt and dust from deeper down than I could see. When it came time to empty the dirty water, it was dark grey. It was gross! I now couldn’t wait to do more than just my living room carpets.6

The Bissell Deep Clean Premier uses a combination of water, formula, powerful suction and its HeatWave Technology to provide constant heat to permanently remove spots, stains and spills. Life happens on the carpet and vacuuming alone isn’t enough to get the fun (dirt) that may be deep in the carpet. The DeepClean Premier is a whole-room deep cleaner designed to tackle carpets and get the dirt vacuum can’t.

The Bissell Deep Clean Premier is available now at your local Walmart store, or on for $188.92


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