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Dec 23, 2008 4 Comments by Disclosure

I’ve never been much of a coffee maker until now. We purchased the Breville Café Roma Espresso Machine a few weeks ago, and I am hooked! The machine is very easy to use and makes some awesome espresso! I’ve even looked up some recipes online to try out. So far, I’ve almost recreated a Gingerbread Latte, and White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha. I love the holiday season! I also love that I can find all of the syrups and flavors at my local restaurant supply store!

Like I said, the Café Roma Espresso is very simple to use! It comes with 2 filters, one for single shot, and one for double shot. We pretty much just keep it on double shot all the time. I put my cups underneath the filter, and turn the dial to brew. When I have enough espresso, I turn the dial to off! It actually comes with a milk frothing pitcher, so I fill it with milk, turn the dial to steam, and use the steam wand to heat up the milk and make a little foam :). It’s awesome! 

I did find Gingerbread flavored syrup at my local store, so I’ll add a little bit of that into my latte, and voila! A Gingerbread Latte! YUM! 

I wanted to mention that I did have one issue with my machine. The pump for the steam wand went out within a couple of weeks of us getting the machine. I was so sad! I need my coffee!!! I called Breville customer service, and was greeted by a friendly CSA. I explained what noise I wasn’t hearing, and what was happening when I tried to use the frothing wand. She offered a couple of trouble shooting options, and when they didn’t work, she told me that the pump was indeed out. She told me that I would need to send my machine back, and that when they received it, they’d ship out a replacement machine. The funny thing was, like clockwork, my girls started fighting in the back ground. Embarrassing, yes, but she took sympathy and changed the rules a little bit. Instead of waiting until they received it, when my package was scanned in by FedEx, they’d ship out the replacement so I’d receive it faster. I thought that was very cool, and she wasn’t kidding! My machine shipped out on a Wednesday, and I had a new one on Friday. Yes.. a new one! If it was a refurbished model, I couldn’t tell. It was pristine AND it came with all of the pieces the previous one was missing! 

Now that I have a working machine, I’m a Latte makin’ machine!! 

I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in an espresso machine to take a look at the Breville Cafe Roma! It’s a great Espresso machine, that’s easy for anyone to use, and I can attest to their awesome customer service!!!

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4 Responses to “Review: Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine”

  1. Coffee Machines says:

    I am generally not a fan of these machines, but for the cost, you cannot go past this Breville Cafe Roma

  2. This Military Mama says:

    If you go to your local starbucks [assuming you love them] you can buy the big bottles of syrup they use for the drinks. Holiday flavors like gingerbread are a little more expensive but shouldn’t be more then 10 dollars. Regular flavors like Vanilla are only 4.99 all though the prices have have changed a little due to the economy.

    I used to work there so these are ‘insider’ tips ;)

    This Military Mamas last blog post..Candy Canes at Christmas

  3. Coffee Flavored Syrup says:

    That Cafe Roma – What a beautiful coffee machine. You lucky duck! I do love my Latte'. I have a small (tiny) espresso machine and it's a pain in the neck… this one looks like a professional coffee machine and it might be just what I'm looking for. So good of you to tell us about the great customer service you had. That makes all the difference.

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