Taking the Finish Quantum Challenge

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I was given a challenge. It has everything to do with the one chore I hate the most. Dishes. Every day, I really try to avoid washing dishes, but I guess everyone else feels the same way, since I’m the one that always ends up doing them. Ick. There’s the pile in the sink that just never gets done before I go to bed. By the morning when I’m getting things done, food is stuck on, and it takes forever to scrub all of the dried on things. Oatmeal, tomato sauce, cheese, you name it, it’s pretty stuck on.

Well, I’m hoping that I’ve just found something that makes it a little easier.

The Walmart Moms have been invited to take the #FinishShineChallenge! Put Finish® to the test and document results. Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

  • Create an amazingly tasty, messy, sticky, and difficult-to-clean meal to put Finish to the test.
  • Do NOT run the dishwasher until the next morning so the stain is really dried on and appears to be tough to remove.
  • Relax after the sticky meal – put the dishes right into the dishwasher (no pre-rinse allowed!) and let them sit there until morning. The next day, run the dishwasher with Finish® Quantum® and show the honest results.

I’m skeptical. I know that no matter what the dishwasher promises, or what the soap says it’s supposed to do, typically, I’m stuck scrubbing everything with a brush, or green sponge. I am so tired of scrubbing!

I’m being told that Finish® Quantum® with Power Gel delivers the ultimate clean and shine the first time, every time. It utilizes a breakthrough multi-chamber technology that releases each agent when needed during the cycle.

  • Its quick dissolving Power Gel washes away residues for a brilliant shine even in the hardest water conditions.
  • A pre-soaking Powerball® penetrates, breaks down, and lifts away even 24-hour dried on food.
  • Advanced powder with bleach seeks out and cleans tough stains like tea and coffee.
  • Rinse aid gel delivers an amazing shine.
  • Available in the following scents: Fresh, Lemon Sparkle, and Baking Soda
  • #1 recommended brand by more dishwasher brands *More dishwasher brands recommend Finish® Products than any other brand.
  • Also try Finish® Quantum® in our Baking Soda and Lemon Sparkle variants

Ok… so make a mess, don’t rinse, and let Finish Quantum with Power Gel do all the work? I think I can do that… Here we go!

So for dinner, I made black beans, and beef tacos, which involved melty cheese and I still had the bowls from breakfast in the sink. I made oatmeal, and yes, that dried on quite well.

Here’s a look at the dishes before they were washed.. GROSS! :


 It’s sat long enough. Time to get some Finish Quantum in this dishwasher!



And here’s the After:


I always inspect my dishes as I put them away, and this was the first time that I didn’t have to re-wash anything. Even the dried on oatmeal came off of the bowls! I was shocked. We are definitely going to be giving this a good run. I’m very interested to try it with other types of dried on foods. The only thing I wish it would do is fix my foggy glasses! I’ve got to find a solution for that! Do you have any ideas?

I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart provided me with compensation for my time and efforts on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Cat Davis says:

    I love this dishwasher detergent, it’s the only one I use but I haven’t seen that lemon version before.

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